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Looking for fonts or font tools? Substantial listings of the most notable type vendors, designers and foundries, commercial as well as some of the best free ones. Also some handy type management and ID tools + a few typography blogs, forums and organisations.

Online font shops: [Monotype]

Type designers and foundries:

Some free fonts, some cheap

DSType foundry
Some free fonts also available

Hofler & Frere-Jones

Jeremy Tankard Typography [Luc de Groot]

Free fonts:
The fast, userfriendly, no-nonsense interface makes this site worth a look
Comprehensive categories makes it fairly easier to find what you're after, and there's a handy character-map for each font so you can check if it includes any special characters and symbols you require
[PC truetype format only]
Fonts by the uncrowned king of the free font world: Ray Larabie

A handfull of high quality free fonts by Jos Buivenga
Grunge fonts by Eduardo Recife

Pixel fonts:

A nicely turned collection of pixel fonts which includes a type tester so you can check what your text would look like before you choose which one to download.
A good range of interesting pixelfonts 25 best licence free pixelfonts
A list of the best free pixelfonts available, compliled by Vitaly Friedman

Online font tools:

typesetter: increadibly useful and easy to use tool for comparing type on screen

Identify and find fonts based on characteristics, name or similarities to other fonts

Helps you identify fonts based on scanned images of the typeface in question.

Font managment software:

Linotype FontExplorerX
Linotype's easy-to-use, versatile, feature-packed and not least FREE font management application for Mac OS X
FontCatalog shows fonts automatically grouped by categories and styles, which makes font searching faster and easier
Extensis Suitcase and Font Reserve font management applications for Windows and Mac

Printer's apprentice
Font management software by Lose Your Mind Development

Typography blogs and resources:

typophile .com

The International Society of Typographic Designers

Association of Professional design firms

Type Directors Club

A brief history of type
Typeindex Anatomy of typefaces tutorial


Arial or Helvetica?
Can you tell the difference between 'the original and best' and the much-loathed copy?
It isn't always so easy!

Create a handwriting font from your own handwriting
interactive typographic experiments

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