Funny, Political and Environmental Designs in Round One

Posted Wednesday, 21 November 2007 in Design, Entertainment, Inspiration, Photoshop
After closing entries for Round 1 in our Photoshop contest, I think it is safe to say that it’s been the most successful first round ever with 600 entries. Here are a few highlights among the huge number of incredibly creative images.

The source photos used in Round 1:

Toad source image banana source image manequin source image Fighter jet source image Pollution source image Mr Bush

Surely we did expect quite a bit of political takes and flaming in our first round of the Photoshop contest when we included George W Bush among the source images – we even got hate-mail for it.

But there aren't only political Photoshop-jobs with Mr Bush being mocked or ridiculed – many contestants that chose to make non-political statements have done so extremely successfully. Just have a look at this:

No Turning Back
No Turning Back by richness

Junk Yard Frog
Junk Yard Frog by Olie

God save Mr. Bush
God save Mr. Bush by rober18

Banana Showdown
Banana Showdown by musicoftom

Frog of the week
Frog of the week by pejot

Human Ignorance
Human Ignorance by Lindstol

Air wars...
Air wars... by glimm

Guys, the end is near!
Guys, the end is near! by jonnakonna

Happy Frog
Happy Frog by slick182

Marketing techniques
Marketing techniques by Nestr

Cloud City
Cloud City by m4de

It's a Flavor Explosion!!
It's a Flavor Explosion!! by felipeah

Peelzzle! by 3dcreativesolutions

The Hand
The Hand by register6

Fantasy Amphibian
Fantasy Amphibian by mbeller

Sanctum-Contestant by Jyrus

Hope by scottiej

Emasculated of power
Emasculated of power by buki

Moonlighting by garykapluggin

Incoming by phreek_23

Carseat Ad
Carseat Ad by dasulser

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Nice selection!
By rayvolvez on Wednesday, 21 November 2007 4:11 PM
Though mine wasnt inside.. These selection were indeed my choices to give my votes to...
By needforname on Friday, 30 November 2007 2:09 AM
Definetely some nice pieces here, yet I believe my piece (i turned bush into a portrait statue) is better than a couple of the above images by far (hope by scottie j is pretty lame). Kind of dissapointed i wasn't listed above.. but whatever. Call me a whiner or whatever you like; i'm just being real. Good luck to the winner.

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