Friday Fun Contest - Spot the Differences III

Posted Friday, 10 June 2011 by Susan Read in Entertainment
Can you find the differences in these two images?
6/16/2011 – Congratulations to Teresa (intrigue), winner of this week’s “Spot the Differences” contest! A special mention also goes out to Scott (kensacreative) for general yarrrsomeness in his creative entry.

A list of the differences can be found below and a collection of all the images used in the composite is here. Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for another round in our weekly contest!

Spot the Differences III

© Fotosmurf/Crestock

Spot the Differences III

© Fotosmurf/Crestock and others

Spot the differences and win! Compare the two images above and find the differences between them. Hint: We've probably removed, changed and/or added elements. There are at least 12 differences to spot.

Once you've spotted the changes we made, send an email to to enter. Don't forget to list all the differences you've found. Be specific!

This week's prize: 50 free Crestock credits

We'll randomly draw from all the entries next Thursday, June 16, at 3 PM EST. We'll also post a link to a collection containing all the images we used. Stay tuned for our announcement of the lucky winner - and the next contest on Friday, June 17!

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Spoiler alert! The differences were…
By susanr on Thursday, 16 June 2011 9:20 PM
-A cupboard replaced the empty spot at top left
-A roll of paper towel was added to the counter
-Both scale hands have been changed
-The chef is now wearing a wristwatch
-A logo has been added to her apron
-A cutting knife is now a cake lifter
-One red pepper has turned green
-One pepper mill has changed color
-Brown eggs are now white
-A clock has been added to the wall
-A toaster has been added to the counter
-A lobster in the pot
-Picking jars have replaced glasses in the top right corner

Thanks to all entrants for playing!

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