Artist Interview: Li Tzu Chien - 'Notkoo2008'

Posted Wednesday, 11 May 2011 by Susan Read in Interviews, Design, Inspiration
Each month we profile one of our photographers or illustrators as our 'Artist of the Month'. This month we talk to Taiwan-based illustrator Li Tzu Chien, aka notkoo2008. His portfolio, liberally dosed with amazing seamless patterns and cartoon-style illustrations, is not to be missed.
seamless spaceship pattern
Name: Li Tzu Chien
Artist profile on Crestock:
Member since: 2010
Home: Taiwan

1. How did you get started in illustration or design?
I was a student of design and did backgrounds and web design work.

2. Who or what inspires your work?
A friend told me about stock photography. I was very interested in it.

3. What are your favourite images from your collection?
My favorites are character vectors such as:

cartoon animal icon cute bird icon cute colorful monster

© notkoo2008/Crestock

4. What's your favourite subject matter?
I like drawing people.

5. Describe your style.
Cute cartoon type images.

6. If you had to pick just one medium, program or tool to work with from now on, what would it be?
I only use Adobe Illustrator.

seamless family pattern menu template seamless lamp pattern

© notkoo2008/Crestock

7. What do you do when you're not working?
I watch movies or listen to music. My favorite bands are Oasis and Coldplay. I like funny Chinese movies such as Flirting Scholar.

8. Do you have a favourite artist / photographer at Crestock?
Yuri Arcurs.

animals in park seamless monster pattern

© notkoo2008/Crestock

9. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
My hope is that my drawings really and truly are a work of art that can save all designers some valuable time. They need not spend too much to complete a work.

I offer a great amount of illustrations to permit designers to put them to good use. As far as I'm concerned, for a client to use my illustrations to complete a job is a real honor.

robot card

© notkoo2008/Crestock

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