By martina on Monday, 30 April 2007 2:39 PM
hey, how did you do this? it's brilliant..! ;)
By craetive on Monday, 30 April 2007 4:59 PM
By poco_bw on Thursday, 3 May 2007 10:54 PM
Well done
By mfiorentino on Monday, 7 May 2007 4:02 PM
Superb image, and fits rather well with the theme. Reminds me of the Dalí "Atomica series" (1948) by Philippe Halsman. Gets my vote for originality and a pointer towards man's joy & struggle for reaching the Sun.
By adityadigaddi on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 4:04 AM
oh my god!!Its amazing...!
By Bananna on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 5:31 PM
Great work, something reminds me Frida Kahlo paintings
By NitroNeo on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 10:09 PM
Ok how did this happen. Light coming from multiple directions, the right of the background buildings, the front of man on the right, above the chair, and the left of the foreground subject.
By stiiina on Friday, 11 May 2007 12:02 AM
Vote for this! It is SOOOO good!

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