By alexandru_flueras on Monday, 7 May 2007 12:39 PM
Great photo! Mesajul e totusi cam pesimist.
By alexandru_flueras on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 6:37 PM
si totusi fotografia e minunata, ai votul meu
By georgemuresan on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 9:50 PM
Multumesc Sandule!
By peter on Wednesday, 9 May 2007 1:22 PM
great photo. I would call it "Resigned". "Seen all, heard all"
By larisutza on Wednesday, 9 May 2007 5:16 PM
f frumos..simplitatea vietii..
By on Thursday, 10 May 2007 4:56 PM
Crestock is a fraud,i uploaded 5 photos to my private crestock album wihich they rejected them all. I took one of the exact same photos and gave it to another crestock account holder and they had no problem accepting it ??
nice shot!
By smiclaus on Friday, 11 May 2007 2:38 PM
George, you really caught up the moment, the feeling! I like this!
By georgemuresan on Friday, 11 May 2007 9:37 PM
Thank you smiclaus for apreciation
By jm on Monday, 28 May 2007 10:16 PM

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