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Image 501625: Wedding Rings Portrait

Wedding Rings Portrait
Image ID: 501625   |   Image Type: JPEG Photograph
Image Description: A close up portrait of a newly married bride and groom. They are wearing traditional wedding clothes and the woman is holding a bouqut of flowers. The are seen here in a half body portrait with joined hands showing off their new wedding rings on their fingers. A bride is the female participant in a wedding ceremony. The term bride comes from the Teutonic word for a cook. She is typically attended by one or more bridesmaids or maids of honor. Her male partner is the bridegroom or "groom." Before a bride can be formally called "wife" she must finish the formal wedding procedure. In some cultures, successful sexual intercourse between the bride and bridegroom is a required step to complete (or consummate) the wedding ceremony. In Europe and North America, the typical attire for a bride is a formal dress and sometimes a tiara. For first marriages, a white dress is a tradition started by Queen Victoria's wedding. Etiquette prescribes that a white dress may not be worn for subsequent marriages (regarded by some as a symbol of virginity, also regarded as a symbol that the bride is happy), but this guideline is often ignored with brides wearing white dresses for any number of marriages. In addition to the gown, the bride normally also wears a veil and carries a bouquet of flowers.
Camera Data: Canon EOS-1D Mark II

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