Image License Agreement - Chronology of Changes

2020-06-01 – Updates following acquisition of the assets of Crestock by Design Pics, Inc.

2013-06-20 – Section 4.3: "Daily Free Image" has been amended to "Weekly Free Image".

2012-11-08 – Section 5.1.3 re Licensing Restrictions has been amended.

2011-11-07 – Section 4.1 re Grant of License has been amended to allow use of Licensed Images in software and mobile applications. Clauses that required an Extended License for these purposes have been deleted.

2011-04-13 – Several changes were made to refine the rights and restrictions of licensing.

  • Section 5 (License Restrictions) was added and existing language was revised to more clearly outline the restrictions on licensing.
  • Section 7 (Extended License) was added.
  • Section 8 (Seat License) was added.
  • Section 9 (Access to Licensed Images) was added.
  • Several typographical and grammatical errors in the prior version of the agreement were corrected.

2010-07-01 – New Image License Agreement established following acquisition of the assets of Crestock by Masterfile Corporation.