Frank_L_Jr Frank_L_Jr
Other: Office Clerk
United States
Spokane, United States
My time: 14:12
Images approved: 850
Images sold: 201
Why do I take pictures:
I want to capture the beauty of the world around me. In my opinion, even the most mundane object could be captured in a way that shows a certain level of aesthetics. In other words, "God don't make junk." I think that is entirely true.
When I don't photograph, I...:
Play with my wife and kids and love them more everyday. It's a life picture of our Father in Heaven's love for us to love our family.
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
Love God and love your neighbor. Life is truly too short in comparison to eternity; we must keep our perspective straight and our heart pure. I'm preaching to myself - I need this message engraved on my heart most of all.
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Olympus EVOLT E-500 DSLR
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