Jamsa Jamsa
United Kingdom
Invergordon, United Kingdom
My time: 15:33
Images approved: 11
Images sold: 22
Why do I take pictures:
Simply the joy of freezing time, creating unique images for anyone else to enjoy... Using current technology has given me , a photographer for over 30 years an opportunity to also use my limited creative skills to make more than just a picture.
When I don't photograph, I...:
Feel this rarely...there are very few times where a camera can not be used...however I will feel frustrated upon seeing amoment in time not being recorded in image as the moment dies with those that could remember it.
My favourite photographer, and why:
A little known photographer that has made an art out of the very best of flowers. His name is Jeff Clarke and he promotes his images on free sites.
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
Simply the existance of any and everything living at any given time on this planet and any others, for this self perpetuates itself.
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