PaulCarcone PaulCarcone
United Kingdom
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
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Why do I take pictures:
I find photography fantastically relaxing and enjoy actively viewing life and the world around me. I find that I am always on the lookout for photographic opportunities and I think I have seen some wonderful things that I would otherwise hve passed by.
When I don't photograph, I...:
I am running the Edinburgh Marathon and doing the London-Brighton Bike Ride this year (both for charity)r, so lots of time is taken up with training for those. I also play drums in a couple of local bands in addition to doing "normal stuff" with my lovely wife and our Weimaraner dog, Archie.
My favourite photographer, and why:
Christianne Cherry. She has a rare ability to realy capture the eseence of every situation and has a truly wonderful talent. In addition, she is a lovely character and I am lucky to have her as my mentor.
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
To have the courage to face your demons, whatever they are. Have fun and spread happiness. Make everyone else feel special and share in (almost) everything you do. Be true to the life that you lead....and to those who share your world. Accept that everyone is different but don't be a doormat.
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