davidmj10 davidmj10
Hunter Valley and South Coast, New South Wales, Australia
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Why do I take pictures:
I have taken pictures for many years as part of my general work as a self employed journalist. I enjoy observing something and then looking at it through the lens, framing it up and capturing it. I like to see through my eyes the composition of pictures that other people don't seem to see.
When I don't photograph, I...:
do a lot of writing. I am not a 'driven' photographer hell bent on caturing the elusive masterpiece photo. There are many other creative aspects of life.
My favourite photographer, and why:
No favourite. I try to take each image I see as a stand-alone image not related to the reputation of the photographer.
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
Hmmm. The meaning of life? Hard to encapsulate in a short sentence. Among other things, I think I get meaning and purpose through my ability to work and create things. For me, journalism, writing, photography and the concept of 'work' itself are important parts of creating meaning in life.
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