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Image 5733178: Enchanted Rock Texas

Enchanted Rock Texas
Image ID: 5733178   |   Image Type: JPEG Photograph
Image Description: 13020 years ago (in 2011 ) on Midgard-earth fell into the Pacific Ocean Moon shattered shards Fattah . Huge shard crashed into the Earth in the west of the continent (America) , causing Earth's axis tilt changed to 23.5 degrees and continental outlines. All this, taken together , caused a lot of natural disasters and the beginning of a new ice age , and most survivors of this planetary catastrophe , quickly fell on a primitive level . On the wall of one of the Mayan pyramids in America there is an inscription "Little Moon broke. " In Chinese treatise "Huaynantszy" this event is described as " firmament broke ground Vesey broken sky tilted to the northwest sun and stars moved the Earth in the southeast was incomplete and therefore water and silt rushed there ... In those days ... the last four poles collapsed nine continents split ... blazing fire had not abated , water raged not dry . " Giant waves from falling debris three walked the earth , which led to the death Antlany and other islands. This is where the word " fatality ", " rock" , and number 13 (the number of days of treatment Fattah around Midgard ) is considered lucky to have . It took many centuries before it was cleared the atmosphere , and the glaciers retreated to the poles. Maybe that Enchanted Rock is the moon , fragmentykotoroy scattered for miles. On the rocks visible characteristic chips that appear after a strong blow .
Camera Data: NIKON D7000

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