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Example photos that require a model release

If you submit photos that feature people you will need to include a signed model release for each person with every photo they appear in.

A signed model release confirms that the person depicted agrees to the image(s) being published and used commercially. We will reject images of people without a model release, even if their face is not visible.

This includes images where the model appears in silhouette, faces away from the camera or where only part of their body appears. Each time you photograph a model in a new session, you must supply a new model release.

If your photo includes the property of others, such as houses or private buildings (interiors or exteriors), we generally require you to include a signed property release with the images. A signed property release confirms the owner of the property agrees to images of the property being used commercially and published.

Scan or photograph your signed model and/or property releases. Register any new models or properties by clicking 'Register new model' or 'Register new property' under the 'Review & Submit' tab of your upload folder before submitting your photos.

You can download our releases below as PDF files:

Model release (English)

Property release (English)