MargoJH MargoJH
New Zealand
Hastings, New Zealand
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Why do I take pictures:
I take pictures to record events and scenery for my own records as well as for shareing the world as I see it with others. It is more a passion then a hobby. I enjoy the places & events photoraphy leads me to. The move to digtial has allowed me to experiment with different angles settings etc
When I don't photograph, I...:
I play the accordion or spend time on my farmlet among the animals. I enjoy the challenge of editing or manipulating my photos to enhance what I have taken or just for the fun of trying different effects
My favourite photographer, and why:
I do not really have a favourite photographer
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
is to use the time we have been given to enjoy the beauty around us wether it be the glory of a sunrise, the first smile of a new infant or the tiniest of flowers or insects. We need to love those around us & repect all all mankind.
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