How the contest works

We have tried to keep things as simple as possible, but every contest needs some rules. Please read and follow the rules to avoid being disqualified and direct any questions you may have to

  • Entries submitted to this contest will not be re-sold or added to the Crestock Stock Image collection.

  • By submitting an entry to this contest, the contestant grants Crestock the rights to freely publish said image online or in printed media in relation to the contest, without remuneration.

  • Contestants can participate in one, several or all of the four contest rounds.

  • Each contestant may only submit one entry for each round of the contest.

  • All entries must be RGB JPEGs, minimum size 1000x1000 pixels.

  • All entries must be submitted via our contest submission form, images received via email or by any other means will not count.

  • All entries must be submitted before each week's deadline. The deadlines can be found here.

  • Once an entry has been submitted it cannot be changed, so make sure you submit the correct and final version of your image.

  • The contest is international and open to everyone, regardless of nationality and age.

  • Only registered members will be able to vote for the entered images, and if you have an image in the contest you cannot vote for your own entry.

  • Any one person may only cast a single, positive vote for each contest image. To be eligible to vote, you must be a registered user at, which is 100% free of charge. The maximum number of eligible votes from any single organisation or IP location is 5.

  • The winner will be determined 40% by public vote, 60% by the judges' votes.

  • The judges' votes will be based on the following criteria:
    • Overall Creativity and Concept
    • Creative adaptation of source images
    • Visual impact
    • Technical skills

Full contest terms and conditions:

  1. Images submitted for the contest will not be entered into our image collection or re-sold/re-distributed in any way.
  2. Each participant may only submit one entry per contest round. To be eligible to submit images to the contest, a fast and simple signup as a registered user at is required.
  3. Participation is free of charge. employees, contest judges and their immediate family may not participate.
  4. One or several of the supplied images must be recognisable as a central part of your design.
  5. You may add elements not found in the original images, but the usual copyright and plaguerism rules apply: you may not use someone else's material without permission. In cases of doubt, the jury and/or the Crestock staff may request to see the original image file.
  6. Modifying, enhancing or altering someone else's artwork (excluding the supplied Crestock stock photos provided) does not constitute an original, valid contest entry.
  7. All entries must be RGB JPEG files, below 5MB, minimum size 1000x1000 pixels, maximum 4000x4000 pixels.
  8. Crestock assumes all entries are original creations and the work and property of the entrant with all rights granted therein. The participant retains the copyright of the submitted image.
  9. is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.
  10. After the votes cast have been tallied, the winner will be asked to submit the original image file for his/her submission for examination. If this reveals a breach of contest rules/requirements, Crestock may at their discression disqualify the winner. Failure/refusal to submit the original image file for examination, will result in the disqualification of the entry, and the entry in second place will move up to first place.
  11. Crestock reserves the right to remove material deemed to be abusive, harmful, harassing, pornographic or in other ways unsuitable for display at We reserve the right to use our discretion on this point.
  12. The winner of each round is determined 40% by public vote and 60% by votes from a jury of highly qualified judges.
  13. The submitted images will be displayed without watermarks at a size of 500 pixels high/wide on the website.
  14. The stock images supplied for use in this contest are licenced for this purpose only, they are not freeware/public domain. For any other use, commercial or none-commercial, the images can be purchased and downloaded with a full royalty-free usage licence from
  15. The submission with the highest score wins. If there is a draw, the judges' votes get preference. The winner decision will be final, no discussion will be entered into.
  16. Attempts at obtaining added personal voting power by registering multiple accounts or otherwise exploit the system, is strictly forbidden. Attempts at doing so may result in the voiding of votes cast and/or the removal of any entries submitted by the offender. Our decision in this respect will be final, no correspondence will be entered into.
  17. Crestock reserves the rights to, if necessary, modify the rules and/or proceedings of the contest, in order to stamp out cheating, fraud, etc. Crestock has taken the necessary steps to monitor the proceedings of the contest in their entirety, and will actively root out any atempts at cheating.
  18. Entries not complying with the contest rules are subject to disqualification without prior warning.

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