Put A Bird On It!

Posted Wednesday, 8 June 2011 by Stacey Waspe in Design, Inspiration
Seamless Pattern of Bird Migration © Sylverarts on Crestock.com

3604472 © Sylverarts/Crestock.com

Taking inspiration from the natural world has been the norm for artists for hundreds of years.

Seamless Floral Pattern at Crestock.com

3093716 © sashayezik/

It's also a huge trend now to incorporate birds, animals, plants and even insects into your designs.

From greeting cards and shopping bags to linens and wallpaper, birds are flying everywhere in both product design and interior decorating! It's a trend that's been covered on many blogs and interior design magazines over the past few months./p>

Inspired by this quirky (and funny!) video from Portlandia, we put together a collection featuring our favourite flying friends in this lightbox for you to use as inspiration in your own designs.

Floral pattern with birds © tanor at Crestock.com

3741238 © tanor/Crestock.com

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