Contest Schedule

The Crestock Photo Contest 2007 is now over,
thanks to everyone who participated!


Round 1:

Monday 23rd April: Submissions opened 
Monday 7th May: Submissions closed
Monday 7th May: voting opened  
Monday  21st May: Voting closed

Wednesday 23rd May: Round 1 Winner Announcement 

Round 2:

Monday 7th May: Submissions opened 
Monday 21st May: Submissions closed
Monday 21st May: voting opened 
Monday 4th June: Voting closed

Wednesday 6th June: Round 2 Winner Announcement

Round 3:

Monday 21st May: Submissions open
Monday 4th June: Submissions closed
Monday 4th June: voting opened
Monday 18th June: Voting closed

Wednesday 20th June: Final round winner announcement!