Boss Boss
Executive manager
Bodø, Norway
My time: 05:01
Images approved: 151
Images sold: 651
Why do I take pictures:
I've been a photo fanatic since the age of 10. Later on, as a magazine editor, my interest reached a new level. Now I run, live with photos 10 hours a day, and love it.
When I don't photograph, I...:
...use a critical amount of money on food and drink, I read newpapers, magazines, books and surf the net. I try to learn Italian. And my first child, the worlds most beatiful baby girl, is four months now, late June 2006.
My favourite photographer, and why:
Check out freelens' portfolio here at crestock. Intense, emotional, sensual images of high artistic value.
The meaning of life, in my opinion:
Red wine from Piemonte. Cashew nuts. Espresso. Gammelsalta sei. Woody Allen. Chocolate. Pasta. The Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach, by Glenn Gould. Family. David Fincher. Baccalao. Swimming in the sea. Cohiba. Kjell Askildsen. Keanes debut album. The Simpsons. Roma. Paris. Nice. Bodø.
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